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Sergey Ivanov, Ph.D.

Discovering unused organizational potential: government, multinationals, military
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Leadership Seminars and Workshops

unleashing organizational potential 


These seminars are designed as interactive workshops for senior- and mid-level executives to achieve success and uncover opportunities in their organizations.

Types of Workshops


Why Modern Companies Are Crawling, and How To Make Them Run


Unleashing Organizational Potential: Leading in the 21st Century



-          1-3 days (generalized in-depth workshop on specific topics of importance to the organization)


Curriculum / Topic Examples for Multi-day Workshop


Review of Modern Organizational Diagnostics Methods

Types of Organizations

Structures of Various Organizations

Organization of Work: strata 2 to 8

Complexities/Size of Roles


Levels of Work

Levels of Information Processing and Multidimensional Capabilities of People

Using Talent

Strategic Work, and Strategy of a Multinational Corporation

Defects and Innovation / Dynamics and Outcomes

System of Accountability or Organizational Fear (Feararchy)

Time and Cost of Leadership

Leadership as a System

Review of Scientific Organizational Diagnostics

Case Studies:




Discuss/Draw Key Issues in Your Organization

Discuss/Draw Your Organization's Work Structure

Discuss/Draw Systemic Issues in Your Organization's Work Structure

Discuss/Draw Talent/Capabilities of Your Team

Discuss/Draw/Design Strategic Work Structure of Your Organization





This workshop is for the CEO to succeed in the 21st century business model. The information presented in this seminar will help the CEO, Executive Team Members, and Government Executive/Senior Leader to discover, design, and tune-up their organizations to achieve innovation, productivity, and long-term profits and health of the organization.

The instructor will share the latest science of organizations, and will work with the attendees on their organizations live, or privately, if desired.


Executives are encouraged to ask questions live to address relevant issues and topics important to their organizations. The instructor will attempt to illuminate the structure of their organizations, and enable the participants to design the future structure that could better implement organizational goals and strategies.


Learning Objectives:


The goal of the workshop is to share the latest organizational principles findings with Senior Executives so that they could apply them in practice. The participants will achieve this by:


Learning the General Structure of Work, and

Work Structure of Associations

Work Structure of Hierarchical Organizations (Employment Hierarchies)


Before/During the workshop, Dr. Ivanov encourages the Executives to:


Identify Organization’s Current Work Structure

Envision and Design Organization’s Future/Strategic Work Structure

Master Implementation Techniques


Winning through teamwork: setting up effective horizontal and vertical teams



-          2-3 hours (focuses on a specific issue or skill development)


Curriculum / Topic Examples for Short to 1-day Workshop


Types of Teams and Teamworking

Brief Review of Modern Organizational Challenges

Setting up effective manager-subordinate teams

Work Complexity

Using Talent Effectively

Strategic Teams

Time and Cost of Leadership

Leadership as a System




This workshop is designed to help every manager in the organization to setup winning teams to succeed. It will share skills, knowledge, and systemic conditions that impact the dynamics within the team.


The information presented in this seminar will help the CEO, Executive Team Members, Government Executive/Senior Leader, and Manager to set their teams to achieve innovation, productivity, and trust.


Learning Objectives:


The goal of the workshop is to help the participants put a winning team together to achieve success. The workshop will discuss aspects of leadership as a system, and give every attendee new skills and knowledge to create a good and productive working environment for everyone.


Dr. Ivanov uses latest organizational methods and principles to engage all participants.



All workshops are presented by Dr. Sergey Ivanov, an original Scholar, Professor, and Practitioner.