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Sergey Ivanov, Ph.D.

Discovering unused organizational potential: government, multinationals, military
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Organizational Studies

unleashing organizational potential

Dr. Ivanov conducts organizational studies of world's largest to smallest organizations. These studies allow senior executives to realize organizational potential in all areas of the enterprise, without additional resources, doubling and possibly tripling productivity.


Type of Organizations

  • Large Multinational Corporations

  • Departments of the Federal Government, including classified organizations

  • Medium-size organizations (factories, specialized businesses)


Exampes of Studies / Duration

  • 1-day initial diagnostic
    • analyzes the system of up to 10 organizational roles
  • 2-3 weeks rapid diagnostics
    • analyzes the system between 25 to 50 organizational roles
  • 4-6 months comprehensive analysis
    • analyzes the entire organizational system of over 1,000 organizational roles



Depending on the type of study, Dr. Ivanov delivers a comprehensive report and multiple presentations to the CEO/Senior Leaders. The organizational study reveals the actual workings of the organization, and ways to improve the entire system. The report summarizes, identifies, and documents the structure of work and working relationships at the strategic and operational levels, and delivers factual organizational data revealing systemic opportunities. The CEO can then choose whether to act and tune the system.


Systemic Solutions

The customers receive comprehensive time- and science-tested methods for improvement of their organizational systems to achieve missions, and short- and long-term results. Side-effects are innovation, elimination of defects, winning new business. Dr. Ivanov conducts organizational studies using strictly tested science-based methods.


Type of Findings

Management Structure

General backbone management structure and fair pay in your geographical area. Example:



Fear, Trust, Underemployment, Useless Work/Waste, Dysfunction, others. Example:


Work Structure

Reveals opportunities in your organizational work structure. Example:



Confidentiality of Data

All data is strictly confidential, and never disclosed, shared, or revealed to anyone. The analytical findings and work papers are copyright of Sergey Ivanov. If new scientific principles are discovered, Dr. Ivanov may present new general tenets in scholarly journals to further the field of organizational science without specific data/identification disclosure.