Work Structure

unleashing organizational potential 

Work Structure is the innate structure and dynamics of every organization. It consists of roles, relationships, and complexities that generate organizational dynamics, internal to the organization, and external to its customers and the environment at large. By discovering the organization’s structure of work, it is possible to turn the organization in almost any direction, by modifying its work.


Discovering work structure, and then scientifically tuning it, uncovers the latent human and organizational talent. When effectively implemented, the new structure optimizes the business solutions processes and unleashes organizational potential to achieve the highest levels of productivity and effectiveness, delivering higher profits and long-term sustainability to the organization, as well as satisfaction, trust, ingenuity, and fulfillment to all members of the organization. In fact, it is the best way to eliminate Feararchy, and create a good, sustainable, and long-term-oriented profitable organization.


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