the state of the modern American organization (hierarchy, bureaucracy) 

Feararchy is an American scholar-coined term for describing the state of the modern American organization. The term was invented by Dr. Sergey Ivanov, Professor at the University of the District of Columbia, to characterize the modern organization and the state of fear inside the organization. In this state, employees are afraid of leadership, new ideas, their colleagues, and even are said to be afraid of their own shadows.


Fear destroys organizational creativity, ingenuity, and innovation. In this type of an environment, the organization stagnates, and eventually implodes. Suspicion, mistrust, doubletalk, abuse, and nastiest behaviors are normal day-to-day culture of the organization. It is estimated that over 70 to 80% of all American organizations, corporations, federal and state governments, universities, and others are feararchies, subduing employees and contributing to the downfall of the organizations and society.

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