Leadership Seminars

Leadership Seminars

These seminars are designed as interactive workshops for senior- and mid-level executives.

Types of Workshops

Unleashing Organizational Potential:

Applying Jaques’, Deming’s, and Other New Methods


- 1-3 days (generalized in-depth workshop on specific topics of importance to the organization)

Curriculum & Topic Examples

ü Review of Modern Organizational Diagnostics Methods

ü Types of Organizations

ü Structures of Various Organizations

ü Organization of Work: strata 2 to 8

ü Complexities/Size of Roles

ü Timespan

ü Levels of Work

ü Levels of Information Processing and Multidimensional Capabilities of People

ü Using Talent

ü Strategic Work, and Strategy of a Multinational Corporation

ü Defects and Innovation / Dynamics and Outcomes

ü System of Accountability or Organizational Fear (Feararchy)

ü Time and Cost of Leadership

ü Leadership as a System

ü Review of Scientific Organizational Diagnostics

Case Studies:

ü Government

ü Multinationals

ü Military

ü Other Organizations

Applying Organizational Principles:

ü Discuss/Draw Key Issues in Your Organization

ü Discuss/Draw Your Organization's Work Structure

ü Discuss/Draw Systemic Issues in Your Organization's Work Structure

ü Discuss/Draw Talent/Capabilities of Your Team

ü Discuss/Draw/Design Strategic Work Structure of Your Organization

Winning through Teamwork:

Designing Effective Horizontal and Vertical Teams


- 1-3 hours (focuses on a specific issue or skill development)

Curriculum & Topic Examples

ü Types of Teams and Teamworking

ü Brief Review of Modern Organizational Challenges

ü Setting up effective manager-subordinate teams

ü Work Complexity

ü Using Talent Effectively

ü Strategic Teams

ü Time and Cost of Leadership

ü Leadership as a System

This workshop is designed to help every manager in the organization to design winning teams to succeed. The seminar will share skills, knowledge, and systemic conditions that impact the dynamics within the team.