Org Studies

Organizational Studies

unleashing organizational potential

Dr. Ivanov conducts organizational studies of world's largest to smallest organizations. These studies minimally double and triple productivity without additional resources, often, by eliminating waste.

Types of Organizations

  • Large Multinational Corporations

  • Departments of the Federal Government, including classified organizations

  • Medium-size organizations (factories, specialized businesses)

Examples of Studies / Duration

  • 1-day initial diagnostic

    • analyzes the system of up to 10 organizational roles

  • 2-3 weeks rapid diagnostics

    • analyzes the system between 25 to 50 organizational roles

  • 4-6 months comprehensive engagement

    • analyzes the entire organizational system of over 1,000 organizational roles

Systemic Solutions

The customers receive comprehensive time- and science-tested improvements of their organizational systems to achieve missions, and short- and long-term results. Results are innovation, elimination of defects, winning new business. Dr. Ivanov conducts organizational studies strictly applying tested science-based methods.